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Puff Twister Mini Tube
New from Puff, the expolsive crunchier-cheese snack, now available in 40 grams mini tube!
Puff Tubo Twister
Discover this new, crispy, tube-shaped, cheese flavored corn snack in freshness-saving packaging that goes wherever you go!
Puff Original
An even richer-tasting mix of Emmenthal, Cheddar, Parmesean and Camembert for a simple but tasty cheese puff. The new Puff Gourmet comes in protective package for long-lasting freshness.
Available in sizes: 38g or 80g.
Puff Curls
The corn flour lets these take on the unusual shape of a horn and the 4 cheeses make this snack one of a kind. Real Parmesean, Emmenthal, Cheddar and Camembert make a full-flavored combination. You won't find a tastier snack.
Available in sizes: 15g or 40g.
Puff Rings, Pizza Flavor
A ring-shaped snack made with corn flour in a shape that gives it a more original flavor.   Plus that most classic of Italian flavors and maybe the most loved. The pizza flavored Puff - tasty and light.
Available in sizes: 38g or 80g.
Puff Twister, Cheese Flavor
The latest is the Puff Twister, crispy baked cheese snack with a taste that's wonderful to discover!
Available in sizes: 15g or 40g.
Puff Twister, Ketchup Flavor
New, ketchup Puff Twister, the baked cheese snack with ketchup flavor, for lovers of crunchy and tasty snacks!
Available in sizes: 45 grams.