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Crik Crok Salt and Pepper
Crunchy potato chips with inimitable taste of freshly ground black pepper. CRIK CROK SALT AND PEPPER  ARE GLUTEN FREE.
Available in sizes: 50g, 165g or 280g.
Crik Crok Transparent Quality
The same quality of Crik Crok potato chips in a "Transparent quality" pack. CRIK CROK TRANSPARENT QUALITY ARE GLUTEN FREE.
Crik Crok Stick
Slices of potato cut into thin sticks. Fried in good olive oil and lightly salted. That's how you get Crok Stick Chips. A different - but always delicious way to eat French fries. CRIK CROK STICK ARE GLUTEN FREE.
Available in sizes: 58g or 110g.
Crik Crok Chips&Toys
The best chips and the most fun toy surprises for kids! Colorful and always new,  find out every week the new surprise in each packaging!  CRIK CROK CHIPS&TOYS ARE GLUTEN FREE.
Available in sizes: 30g.
Crik Crok Service Pack
Crunchy selected potato chips in a giant package, ideal for parties. CRIK CROK SERVICE PACK ARE GLUTEN FREE.
Crik Crok Extra Crunchy
Carefully selected potatoes and a unique cooking technique make these Crik Crok chips extra crispy and tasty. Unique packaging also preserves freshness and goodness of them. Ideal for a snack or as a side plate to a main course. CRIK CROK EXTRA CRUNCHY ARE GLUTEN FREE.
Available in sizes: 25g, 50g, 110g, 180g, 300g or 500g.
Crik Crok Ketchup
One of the most delicious and tasty snacks for adults and children with a unique flavor: savory potatoes enriched with layers of ketchup flavor.
Available in sizes: 50g, 100g, 165g or 280g.
Crik Crok Bell’Italia
Chips with the classic taste expected from our products:  tasty Mediterranean tomato, garden flavor and traditional spices. For those who love our land and its culinary traditions, Bella Italia Taste is a chip with the richest flavors of Italian cuisine. CRIK CROK BELL'ITALIA ARE GLUTEN FREE.
Available in sizes: 50g, 100g, 165g, 280g or 500g.
Snack is Fun
E' arrivata la nuova linea chips sorpresa che farà impazzire tutti i teenager! Braccialetti, gadget per cellulari, tatuaggi e tante altre meravigliose sorprese ultra fashion e divertenti per tutti i ragazzi e ragazze smart&beautiful!!! La nuova line Snack Is Fun la trovi al bar nelle versioni Chips Original, Chips al Ketchup e Stick al Ketchup.
Crik Crok Stick Mini Tube
Fresh original potato sticks, in the new exclusive mini tube 40 grams! CRIK CROK STICK ARE GLUTEN FREE.
Crik Crok Honey&Mustard
Try the new Crik Crok Honey&Mustard, crispy potato chips with smooth honey and mustard flavour with both angel and little devil soul. CRIK CROK HONEY AND MUSTARD ARE GLUTEN FREE. 
Available in sizes: 50g or  130g.
Crik Crok Wave Extreme
New release 2014 Thicker sliced and incredibly crunchy potato chips with the deepest wavy cut as never seen before!
Available in chicken & barbeque flavor, in 45gr and 110gr.
Crik Crok Bubbly
With a new sparkling and unique taste, Crik Crok Bubbly potato chips are ready to conquer every single consumer with it's mouthwatering flavor to be discovered right now! Of course that's a Crik Crok brand guaranteed! Available in 110gr. size pack
Crik Crok Carbonara
New Crik Crok Carbonara is the first REAL reproduction of one of the most famous dishes of Italian traditional cuisine, turned into quality and delicious snack to everyone. Original recipe with REAL ingredients (eggs, bacon, cheese and pepper) for Crik Crok most delicious and tasty chips ever made. Buon Appetito! Available in: 45/70/110gr size pack
Crik Crok Pesto
New gourmet snack for all lovers of Mediterranean fine cuisine: Crik Crok Pesto are the new potato chips you must try, the fresh scent of basil artfully combined with all classic ingredients founded in the original Pesto recipe of the Italian region of Liguria. The one and only Pesto potato chips are made from Crik Crok!
Crik Crok Gold&Blue
An absolute novelty in potato chips market, from Crik Crok the new Gold&Blue. The pack contains a mix of classic potato chips added to a special quality of chips coming from potato crops in France. The peculiarity of this special potato chips is of course the  different color Blue directly from the ground harvest, naturally GMO FREE, no coloring or preservatives and for sure, same delicious taste as the traditional ones. CRIK CROK GOLD&BLUE ARE GLUTEN FREE. 
Available in sizes 50 gr or 130gr.
Crik Crok Multipack
The Crik Crok original crunchy potato chips lightly salted in a new multipack with 6 single size packs ready to go! (6x25). CRIK CROK MULTIPACK ARE GLUTEN FREE.