Our Ingredients


OUR BEST POTATOES Carefully selected and collected from the freshest fields, our potatoes are only of the best quality, chosen in order to make our chips special and unique OUR NATURAL OIL Sunflower seeds, vegetable oil and the enriching taste of the Extra-Virgin olive oil. We select the best oil to make out products tasty, light and fresh. A TINY BIT OF SALT We just add what is needed to make our chips delicious, simply a small pinch of salt, making the flavor of our chips outstanding even more. “Less salt than what you would expect.. less than 1gr of salt in 100gr of Crik Crok chips” “We use sunflower oil and Extra-virgin olive oil, we do not use trans fat oils” “Our chips do not contain gluten – for this reason we have been approved by the National Association of Coeliacs and are registered in the National Handbook for Coeliacs”