Crik Crok Plus Veggie

First CRIK CROK snack 100% vegan, gluten-free and cooked in sunflower oil! Packed in the exclusive canister,  new Crik Crok Plus Veggie chips are just potatoes, carrots and spinach without alteration, ideal for those who respect the vegan diet and even for those who simply want to try something good and natural!

Le Contadine Hand Made Style

Not just a restyling but a real new taste innovation for the new LE CONTADINE HAND MADE STYLE: two flavors, 100% EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and the new ORIGANO. All the style of a hand crafted potato chips, with production techniques that can amazingly approach to the most traditional real homemade potato chips. Available in 3 sizes: 20/45 /110gr. ALL LE CONTADINE HAND MADE STYLE BRAND CHIPS ARE GLUTEN FREE.

Crik Crok Bubbly!

With a new sparkling and unique taste, Crik Crok Bubbly potato chips are ready to conquer every single consumer with it's mouthwatering flavor to be discovered right now! Of course that's a Crik Crok brand guaranteed! Available in 110gr. size pack

Crik Crok Pesto

New gourmet snack for all lovers of Mediterranean fine cuisine: Crik Crok Pesto are the new potato chips you must try, the fresh scent of basil artfully combined with all classic ingredients founded in the original Pesto recipe of the Italian region of Liguria. The one and only Pesto potato chips are made from Crik Crok!

Crik Crok USA INC. launches unique line of premium-­quality italian snacks.

Crik Crok USA, the sole importer of Crik Crok i Gustosi, an innovative line of premium-­quality Italian snacks produced by ICA Foods, one of the leading Italian producers of snacks. ICA Foods has been producing unique snacks since 1949, and today, Crik Crok, one of the major Italian brands of potato chips and quality snacks, will brand a very important niche in the US market with its imported premium-­‐quality Italian products. “This line of products will give American consumers the opportunity to enjoy the renowned flavors of Rome and the gourmet taste of many Italian favorites”, said Emanuele Finestauri, Managing Director of Crik Crok USA.

Crik Crok elected Product of the Year 2015

Fantastic, well 5 chips Crik Crok were elected Product of the Year Edition 2015! Products: Crik Crok Carbonara, Crik Crok Onda Extreme, Crik Crok Gold & Blue, Crik Crok Honey&Mustard, Le Contadine Hand Cooked Style. This is yet more confirmation that consumers prefer ICA CRIK CROK snacks for innovation and quality than competitor's one. Market research GPMI © on a pre-selection of innovative products on the Italian market, conducted by IRI of 12,000 consumers with more than 15 years, took place in January 2015. category Potato chips.

Crik Crok Carbonara

Differently from other manufacturers betting just on the usual flavors, rather than promising emotions and real taste but usually fail the expectations of consumers, our company with a strong Roman dna decided this time to focus on the heart of the many Italian consumers looking for quality and true traditions of Italian cuisine, offering original recipe and REAL ingredients (eggs, bacon, cheese and pepper) for the new Crik Crok Carbonara. For sure this is the first REAL reproduction of a typical regional Italian cuisine plate, made into a great quality snack to everyone.